Yoga Birth… What we have learned so far…

What a moment. We have had now our 3rd class out of 8 for the Bradley Method and today we just concluded our Yoga Birth hands on workshop. It is incredible! Honestly, when we got into this, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and this see of possibility and alternative medicine have just totally opened their doors to us.

We are now on our 4th doctor and 4th hospital. After learning at every corner, we have found what we are looking for in a hospital and birthing center at Hudson Valley Hospital in Peekskill. It is nestled into the mountains and borders on the river. Absolutely sensational and it feels like you are in a home.

We have also hired a Doula who is going to be there every step of the way during the delivery process. We are quite excited about this as it will give Kurt a relief period and will enable us to have a great set of memories on the otherside since she will be there and paying close attention.

The Bradley Method is basically how animals give birth. They just go out in nature and do it, however they need to. There are no pain meds and in this particular class, the men are more responsible and held accountable than in normal birthing experiences. Kurt has roles! It is fun because it means that we are doing this together and that the delivery of Iza is just as much his responsibility as it is mine. We have checklists of stuff to bring that are so long I have no idea how it is actually going to make it all to the hospital, but I know that it will work out.

So, the yoga birthing is using the typical positions that you do in yoga to literally send out your child into the world. We plan to have Iza standing up (if possible) or laying on the side. We will use the Yoga ball and our primary prop. It is kind of cool! One of the positions was actually dancing between the two of us to help to wriggle her into the right position. We listened to Spanish music when practicing and it was totally cool!

This is an exciting moment, and while it is totally weird, we completely can’t wait!


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