Week 27 Measurements

We are cookin’ now! Can’t believe it, but I have grown 4″ around the waste in just a few weeks time. I have gained another 1lb (yay) from where I was last week during my 26 week apt. and Iza is alive and kicking all the time. Mother and baby are certainly thrilled and happy with progress. Kurt’s painting is coming along nicely and we are planning on continuing with the belly measurements in our session every other week. It is exciting to see growth and change.

I definitely look bigger than I am in the photos though. I can still button most of my jeans and I am able to wear all my work dresses… just a little tight around my belly. But thanks to my step-sisters and step-mother’s baby shower & Japanese Weekend, I have a great pregnancy wardrobe. Maybe next time I will wear something other than pj’s in our photos. That would be a miracle. Our friend’s 10 year old daughter Kristin said, “I know that you are pregnant, but you can still Rock it Ms. Rachael.” Ha. I hope so… 🙂


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