About Us

Our stories are long and drawn out as to how we ended up here, but at the root of it, we love living every moment to the very last drop. The start of our family has been wonderful and a true testament to finding the right match in each other. There is an unbelievable amount of love and kindness that we share…

We began independently with different names, interests, businesses and plans forward. We are now happily settled… focused on a combined business and joint venture in life. We are mates in all ways: friends, companions, team players, promoters, and now parents.

Kurt has always had an interest in raw food and his 4 years of living in and out of Zen Centers. But he is an artist and the ache to create has always been his passion. The engine of his painting has taken over full-time rekindling a burning within him. Kurt is finally where he is supposed to be: a fully committed artist.

Rache has also always loved food, but with the trials and tribulations of a dying economy and a push for better food costs and cheaper build-outs, it has been challenging to want to remain centered within the industry. Simply put, she is tired of fighting the good fight in a place unwilling to listen. In turn, she has been refocusing her energy on innovation, technology, and investing in small, agile companies.

Family Life.

Eight years ago we welcomed Iza; a quirky, babbling baby girl we fell in love with instantly and named Iza Ruby Brand. She is hilariously independent and energizes us with her smile. We wanted to give her a sibling and 2 years later we succeeded. Zai Stefan Brand is now turning 6 and he has staked his place in all our hearts. This full-of-life budding mathmetician is the perfect complement to the rest of us.

Finally Here.

We have spent the better part of our lives traveling and experiencing all that life can offer. We have finally landed in Simsbury, CT, and purchased our forever home. We are living in nature and connecting with our community every day in a way that truly matters.