These are the Bin Years

I suppose it goes without saying that we are complicated, probably the most complicated friends or family that most people have in their address books. One of the benefits of being a creative is an open door to inhibition and the start of fearlessness. We don’t know where we will be tomorrow, but hey, we will figure it all out eventually!

We are warmly referring to these years as “The Bin Years.” They are long, lean and without direction… which gives us the ability to see the true beauty in it all. We are explorers, out on a mission to find something we can do that is fulfilling and gives us time to be with our expanding family. It is also the natural evolution of self when you are in a state of happiness; you want to maintain it and set the right environment in order to do so.

Cheers to our next steps… looks like Crown Heights in Brooklyn and then off to Harlem. Here are pictures of the move where we rid ourselves of the past and packed our life back up into Bins. We couldn’t find all the same bins that we had in the past (after 10 years of the same bins, Sterilite discontinued 2 weeks before our move and we ended up with the “Grey Plaid” versions which suck – the lids literally crack!), but we held our heads high and managed the best we could. The rest of our life ended up in Storage and there it will stay until we can find ourselves a new home. For now, we streamline and pack only what we can carry in two cars.

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