The End of One Era, the Beginning of a New Chapter

It has been years since I have had a proper vacation; a real shut down without any communication or interest in being a part of the technological pull. I would say that I am mentally, completely and utterly on a permanent vacation now. Some of it has to be pregnancy… but I would say the other is just being unwilling to continue doing what I have been doing. It is weird to say that and know that I am still working, still participating and still a part of what I have always been doing, but it is a different when you just make a finite decision.

I want to be there more for my family, more for my husband and friends. To do whatever is needed in order to make my life more rounded and full. I want to have a schedule and not just have to throw all my plans out the window to go on a business trip!

Friday ended my era with Fast n’ Casual, mainstream restaurant dining. Or at least it ended my contract with one of the brands I have been working on and has offered me a chance to take a large break to assess whether or not I want to continue down this path. I still have other projects, but that was the big, all consuming project. Now I sit here… comfortably home. I am exhausted and so happy to just be able to sleep in and take care of the 3,000 things I pushed off as I have been slammed for the last 7 months. It is a good feeling to be an open book of opportunity again!

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