The BrandFam Challenge Day 6 – Tamales!

After dropping Iza off at our nanny’s place on the Upper West Side I was walking home and spotted a huge bag of corn husks in a bodega window. Its was a chilly morning and everything was frozen over and I began to dream…a sunny day eating some Tamales with a margarita in a cafe in Mexico! And I remember how much Rache loves Tamales. So I stepped in and bought some Masa (gluten free corn flour), the corn husks and a little corn oil and headed home. But could I justify the $11.27 I spent on the items? We’ll see. I think we will be able to make 32 tamales. That’s about 8 meals if we have two each per meal. The other ingredients I need are some veggies and spices and maybe some veggy soup stock. That should be about $10-$15 more…so lets say $25 total for the 32 tamales. That would be $.78/tamale. That doesn’t fit into out $1.25/person per meal budget unless we eat one tamale each! This is going to be tough!

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