Moving to NYC: 1st Stop Crown Heights Brooklyn

Can you believe it? We move yet again. It is unreal that we have such luck…. Rache was on the train home from the City when our landlord called to tell her that his house that he currently lives in was sold and his girlfriend and he have not had luck finding an alternative. Glad to hear after the fact that he had listed his house! So, he wants to move back into our house and kick us out. When questioned he immediately said, “I can do this at any point. It’s in the lease.” What an ass! But here we are and as always we make the best of it!

Rache’s project has proven to be a lot for all of us and the travel has been the biggest killer. If we can make sure that she has more time with the family and less time on the road, that would be a huge win. So, it always works out.

Crown Heights is killer. It is full of energy and life and has all the best that the city can offer, but at a fraction. We have both our cars parked on the street and an array of diversity at our fingertips.

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