Magic at Chez Baird

My dad is by far one of the most talented carpenters. I have been blessed to be the recipient of a dozen or so closets over the years and an endless supply of repair work, but nothing could have prepared me for the glory of his current home whom he shares with his wife Cindy in Lancaster, PA. In a word, it is a work of art. In my dreams, it is where I plan to move so I can continuously have a spa-like experience morning, noon and night… oh and get a little pool time in between.

It is truly a testament to how well Cindy and my dad work together. In the past my dad has been known for his oversized square tile flooring, beige and brown colors and his intricately detailed crown molding. I believe almost everyone of my family members must have his touch in their house somewhere. With Cindy’s touch, there is a little added twist and infusion of color (mud and gray are still the bases along with beige and brown, mind you) and certainly a variety of sensational lighting and a flare of functional and well designed decor. The house looks and feels great; a wonderful blend of the two of them.

We are impressed and honored that we got to be in their house, share their space and enjoy the use of their grand life. We most certainly would recommend begging for an invite to anyone that loves 5 star resorts and spas!

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