Kurt got accepted to PooL 13 in NYC!

Either Iza is exceptionally good luck or Kurt’s work is really just that amazing… but every single show we apply for, he gets accepted to, gallery or otherwise. It is very exciting.

May 10th-12th we are going to be in NYC for Kurt’s first big NYC show during NADA. NADA is the second largest show next to Amory Week that happens in NYC for art. Provided I am not in labor or physically bed ridden, I will be right there next to him!

Kurt gets a room at the fabulous Flat Iron Hotel in NYC and he will be installing a full-kilt installation of a perspective of his work. The experience should be both energetic and full of potential.

Join us!

PooL Art Fair New York 2013

10, 11 & 12 May 2013

FlatIron Hotel

26th street & Broadway

New York NY 10011


  1. CONGRATULATIONS KC! This is just terrific news.. Way to go!!!
    Aside from your diligence to your craft…I think Rache just might be your magic charm….

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