It’s Official – We are Moving to Guatemala!

So so so excited to share the news! We are headed to beautiful Lake Atitlan, Guatemala for the next 3.5 months. We leave at the beginning of June and return in October. It is going to be a chance for us to be a family, live in a beautiful environment and relish in every moment of each day. It is stunning in Lake Atitlan and is known to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. We are close to Mayan Temples and a host of great hiking areas. Food is abundant as well and there are incredible markets at our disposal.

Our house is beautiful and we can’t wait to be there. If it is a good visit, we may keep coming back. It seems beautiful!

House we are staying “Casita Blanca”
The Space
The casita is the unique, stylish and eco-friendly way to spend time at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. It has 3 bedrooms and one spacious bathroom with a big bath tub, a kitchen, living room with a fireplace, terrace and small yard in front with views of the lake.

Tucked away in the hills alongside Lake Atitlan, you’ll wake up to gorgeous sunrise views and enjoy the peace and tranquility of Santa Cruz La Laguna. Since our small village isn’t accessible by roads, you’re ensured a quiet, relaxing stay next to the clear waters of the lake.

As for activities, there are plenty of hikes, kayaking, swimming and other adventures within close proximity of the house, as well as yoga, and meditation areas in nearby Isla Verde, the hotel with the same owner as the house. There are a few other hotels in the area which have restaurants, and there are other villages that have restaurants as well.

Public transit consists of public boats (lanchas) that can take you to Panajachel, one of the bigger cities around the lake, and any of the other 13 Mayan villages around the lake. These boats can be accessed through the dock at Isla Verde or the Santa Cruz public dock, which is about a 10 minute walk from the house.

This house is off-the-grid, meaning we can reduce your carbon footprint during your stay. Electricity comes from solar panels and water comes from a clear, mountain spring nearby.

La Verde Hotel is located in Santa Cruz La Laguna by our house and will allow us lakefront access and kayaks. This is where we will ask that everyone stays when they come to us.
Beautiful photos of the lake: 
Santa Cruz (our new town)
Our leaving date is going to be June 12th out of Baltimore, MD:
May 22nd – May 25th: NoHo at Mom & Drew’s
May 26th: Iza’s Birthday! Hiking in Finger Lakes
May 27th – June 6th: Ithaca for Sesshin
June 7th – June 10th: Lancaster at Dad & Cyn’s
June 11th: Baltimore, sell car!
June 12th: Fly out and Guatemala

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