It’s a Girl!

Z!BE is always going to be our baby name… and we still will use it occasionally, but Z!BE is officially Iza Ruby Brand. We are so thrilled to introduce her to you….

Today we measured the little lady at 4.5″. All is super healthy with the testing and we have very low probabilities for all genetic disorders. Neither of us came up for being a carrier of any of the 355 variants of the 84 diseases we were screened for. We are very fortunate to have such extensive testing covered in our health insurance as a result of my medication and it being considered a ‘medical necessity.’

There have been many studies done on the medication and we think that it comes down to diet because in almost all cases abroad there were virtually NO issues, where as in the states there are abundant references to Clef Palette, etc. We will not know any of the physical mutations until 20 weeks, but at this point we know that the baby is very healthy and has 10 fingers, 10 toes, 2 arms, 2 legs and a developing spine and head that match up to all normal sizes.

Today was a very big day with lots of excitement and a gazillion pictures. Kurt has an endless supply of reference material for his new series.



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