Happy Birthday to Us!

We had the absolute best birthdays this year. Just us… relaxing both days. While we were not amongst family or doing any of the traditional fun things, we had a great time together. More and more often we are finding out just how much we enjoy space and time… which is unusual for both of us. Kurt is always on the move with his art, errands and other projects and I am always traveling for work and working… it is nice to have had moments that are just us and giving way to indulge in alone time before baby arrives. Lovely moments, really.

Our parents, families and friends have been collectively wonderful throughout our birthday month. Everyone has rallied and taken us out to dinners, given us lovely gifts and generally just been sensational humans. The silliest was by far the gift from Kurt’s mom which was an Obama Chia Pet. Hilarious. We have adored every kind word and touch given to us both, so thank you all!

My Birthday: (January 1st) I woke up to Kurt making us breakfast and then we watched a movie in bed and enjoyed every moment of his eggs and toast (GF & V he made special). I got the coolest handmade card, ever. went on one of our last hikes up the mountain in the snow, capping it off with a luncheon at an incredible restaurant in Cold Spring that did a great New Year’s Day brunch. Then we looked at a condo on Max Protecht’s property in town… and we seriously thought to put in an offer that day! We took a lovely drive down the coast to West Point which involves pretty steep mountainous terrain and insane views of the river. We ended up at Bear Mountain which is truly the most beautiful range in the Hudson Valley in our opinion. Massive Mountains with the best winding roads. And ended up at home. Kurt made a beautiful black eye pea dinner with a chocolate muffin for dessert with of course a candle to blow out. It was absolutely the best day.

Kurt’s Birthday: (January 27th) We had a pretty great day today! We woke up and I made breakfast for Kurt with my famous French Toast, Fakin’ Bacon (Eggplant dehydrated) and Eggs. On Saturday, the day before, we had gone on a drive to Storm King and done a winter walk with the head curator. We were lucky enough to be able to be able to have a little picnic from Ella’s Bellas beforehand, though. I kind of overdid it, so that put a bit of a damper on his big day. We had planned to go to NYC and meet up with my cuz Jed for breakfast and then head to Brooklyn for the rest of the day, ending with a magical dinner I had planned. So, change of plans. We decided instead to stick close to home, head for a drive up the coast along the water. We also ended up looking at a property (rather unexpectedly) at an artists community where we keep our storage. We went to see Flight in the afternoon and left halfway through because between the picture, Iza jumping and the general storyline, the experience was absolutely horrendous. We went to dinner at Farm to Fork which is a great local restaurant and they happened to be having a “Pop up” night where they had a planned prefix dinner. Kurt relished in the moment and truly got a great experience out of it. We learned a lot about our community which I will highlight someday. 🙂
But the best part of the day, were my cards. I did 45 cards for Kurt, each with something I love about him. 10 of them were marked with *Present Alert! and he received a card at dinner with all the gifts. A little pat on my back for the creativity! He definitely adored it… After dinner we came back home to watch “Searching for Sugarman” which turned out to be our all-time favorite movie in the last year and we had a Gluten Free Apple Pie from our favorite bakery up the street. All in all; great day.



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