Glamour Shots in the City

It has certainly been the ride of a lifetime together over this past year. It is hard to imagine that this time last year we were merely friends and working towards our first cooking show together called “Cook it Raw” (we adjusted the name to what we have now, due to copyright reasons). We were in Ithaca and as the world was reawakening from the slumber of the winter wonderland, we were falling in love without any conventional methods.

Now, a year later, we are happily committed, about to birth a beautiful baby girl and truly living every day united. We are certainly in a trying time for a couple – lots of unknown and a gazillion changes and transition all at once. We are getting through, together. One of the most amazing aspects of our life is the element of collaboration. We are a team in every possible way. There is never a moment where I think that Kurt is just a partner and supporter – he enhances me and my ideas and I do his. We play off each other in a way that only two creatives could. Now, this doesn’t make it easy during tax season, but that is to be expected. πŸ™‚

Here is a moment where we stole a second away, in a chaotic environment and on an emotionally difficult day in NYC this week. Warby Parker in Chelsea. It is by the cutest little courtyard near the Standard Hotel, just by the Highline. I would say, our own little slice of heaven in the city.


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