At Home in Harlem

We are finally where we think we want to be. 🙂 You just simply never know with us, but for now we are really happy in Harlem. The commute is killer for me – just about 20 minutes on the train (door to door). We are close to Emily, Iza’s Nanny, and the streets are… Continue reading At Home in Harlem

These are the Bin Years

I suppose it goes without saying that we are complicated, probably the most complicated friends or family that most people have in their address books. One of the benefits of being a creative is an open door to inhibition and the start of fearlessness. We don’t know where we will be tomorrow, but hey, we… Continue reading These are the Bin Years

Our First Week with Iza

For pictures, please scroll down! or check out her site: Well, we tried to get these up sooner, but I guess having a new baby is going to extend all our personal goals and timing a little! Right now in the early morning light with the rain falling buckets from the sky, Kurt is… Continue reading Our First Week with Iza

Kurt’s 1st Open Studio

What a success! Kurt’s first opening in our studio had no shortage of great neighbors, new friends and randoms. Some characters and some creatives… definitely an interesting group. With the help of Derek, our buddy visiting us from Cortland, NY we had a constant stream of excitement. The day after we went for a lovely… Continue reading Kurt’s 1st Open Studio