Spanish Harlem Living

There is something to be said for living in a hotel. Outside the sea of bodega’s, laughter and honking, inside a clean and magical space. Water pressure, outlets on every wall, etc. We are definitely not roughing it living in Spanish Harlem. We have a beautiful 3 bed, 2 bath apartment to end our Spring… Continue reading Spanish Harlem Living

Airbnb’ing it!

So, we have taken on a challenge! We decided on renting out our house through to make a little extra cash and to meet some totally cool people. We had a chance to already rent out a room to Nanna Kold and her family from Copenhagen. Great experience! Well, very quickly our landlord decided he didn’t… Continue reading Airbnb’ing it!

We are Moving!

Welcome to 25 Henry Street, Beacon, NY 12508. Our new address, y’all! Before baby, when our landlord asked us what we thought we were going to be doing when our lease came up, we said, “We definitely are thinking to stay here. We love this place.” Within minutes of coming home from the hospital, we… Continue reading We are Moving!

What We Have Learned…

We have really gone to the ends of earth to make sure that we were prepared for Iza’s arrival… although, it might be impossible to plan, we wanted to be as prepared as possible. I still got Bell’s Palsy at my 7th month mark, but that was an indication of the stress that my body… Continue reading What We Have Learned…

32 Weeks… WOW!

What a day! Iza and I are totally and completely tuckered out. 5 appointments strong… there were moments when we thought it was going to last forever, but somehow we ALL managed. Our imaging specialist, Dr. Lascale said that we have a healthy, happy baby. The average size is roughly 3.75lbs right now, we are… Continue reading 32 Weeks… WOW!

The Man of My Dreams

  I am so lucky to have this guy on my side. Serenading me with music, keeping my desk always with flowers and just generally being the best husband, friend and partner I could imagine. I sometimes have to stop myself for a second and think back to every other relationship I have witnessed along… Continue reading The Man of My Dreams

First Shows on the Books!

Kurt’s been accepted to his first shows… AMAZING! Yesterday he received news from BAU (Beacon Artists Union) that they have accepted him for a solo show in April. In addition he will also be in the Beacon Centennial Show in May. Today he met with Theo Ganz Gallery on the other side of Beacon and… Continue reading First Shows on the Books!

A Golden Moment for Kurt

Well, well, well… if only the world were to stop and stand still for a few minutes, Kurt would relish in the entire experience of sitting and looking at his Golden Paint… just looking. Since receiving his precious paints he has been so prolific, developing new ideas, creating, etc. Also, in buying bulk we got… Continue reading A Golden Moment for Kurt

And So We Did!

Out of request of Grammy (Rache’s beloved, vibrant Grandmother in Florida), we decided to make it official. The best part: We honeymooned in NYC (oh, and we think we will save a ridiculous amount on taxes)! Way better than the legalization element and definitely worth the hour or two dealing with paperwork. We have gotten… Continue reading And So We Did!