And So We Did!

Out of request of Grammy (Rache’s beloved, vibrant Grandmother in Florida), we decided to make it official. The best part: We honeymooned in NYC (oh, and we think we will save a ridiculous amount on taxes)! Way better than the legalization element and definitely worth the hour or two dealing with paperwork. We have gotten a ton of questions about our recent name change about getting married and while we really truly didn’t want to, we did after-all… glad the internet is a great place to share with all of you at once, out in the great wide open!

The fated moment was in the Beacon Courthouse with the local Mayor marrying us. His little office, overlooking the woods in front of the Hudson was the perfect scene out of a play. A little quirky at best, this guy is the real thing and the moment couldn’t have been more perfect if we tried. As he stood behind his desk and us on the other with our hands by our sides, we lifted our hand to each other and he read from a script as we acted out the motions of two already been married lovers. When we got to our parts where we recite to each other, we could easily read from his ‘cheat sheet’ of notes on the table in front of him. Impersonal and unemotional, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience partaking in this unusual union.

There you have it. Even though we both loathe the idea of marriage and really everything it stands for, we love Grammy and we recognize the importance of marriage in a society that doesn’t see partnerships of love as equal-strength to a piece of paper.

Officially introducing the newly married Mrs. Rache & Mr. Kurtis Brand. Sweet deal. Yay.

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