A Day in NYC with Daniel & Jamie!

We had the most amazing day yesterday with Jamie and Daniel in NYC. They came in on Friday night and we had a chance to come in on Saturday to spend the day with them. Iza has been in a breached position for the last 6 weeks which has caused tremendous pain when walking for me, so my expectations for movement were pretty low. On Monday of last week I met with a Chiropractor to try to flip her to overcome this pain and it seemed to be a success! So, Saturday am, I walked not only to the end of the block on my street pain-free, but I walked the whole length of the Highline and then some! It was so wonderful to be outside for the day and racking in the rays with my family.

Kurt and I first went to the Wolfgang Laib Pollen exhibit at the MOMA and had a little gander at the retrospective from the archives. We met Dan & Jamie at the LOVE sculpture on 55th and 6th and then walked to this amazing Thai restaurant on 9th called Pure Thai Shophouse, which just happened to be two restaurants down from my favorite tea shop. The restaurant was so tasty and we had a lovely meal together. Then off to Kahve, my fav… and then we started our walk from 9th and 50th to the Highline. It was so great to be able to walk!

We stopped by the Yotel to show Daniel and Jamie and so I could have a little break. It was brilliant. Then up on the Highline we got off once to go the Gagosian for the Basquiat show. I had to go to the bathroom several times… and with little opportunity by way of Public restrooms, I ended up at a Halal gas station… it was pretty tragic and definitely the grossest experience, but so worth it!

We ended the Highline just in time for a little drink at the Biergarten at the Standard Hotel in Chelsea and to show off the Chelsea Market to Daniel and Jamie. At the Biergarten you buy tickets for Beer and Food at this cute little booth at the front and then you go to the bar. It is great because the place is packed, but there are very little lines when you get in. In true form, I went to the bar and they made me a “Fun Drink”… which I immediately brought back to the table and knocked over. But the 3 sips of Ginger Juice mixed with Lemon was sensational. I think that generally everyone had a great time and enjoyed what they drank. Then after the Chelsea Market and Jamie’s new Canvas bag purchase, they caught a cab and we headed back to finish the day with galleries.

The last gallery of the day we stopped in was Luhring Augustine‘s gallery and we saw Icelandic Artist Ragnar Kjartanssond. This entire show literally changed Kurt and my perspective on the entire experience of performance-based art. It gave Kurt a million ideas and we feel that this exhibit is truly worth the trip to NYC to see!

We missed our train back, yikes… but we enjoyed fabulous Thai food and sorbet at the station and then relaxed until the train came. When we got home, we were due to go to a concert that our neighbor was in, so we headed out for that and I got to dance around the room. The baby was kicking up a storm.

All in all, amazing day. We are thrilled Daniel is going to be on the East Coast and closer to us, especially because we think he is going to have quite the role in Iza’s life. I mean, she even flipped around just for her Cuzicle. 🙂






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