32 Weeks… WOW!

What a day! Iza and I are totally and completely tuckered out. 5 appointments strong… there were moments when we thought it was going to last forever, but somehow we ALL managed.

Our imaging specialist, Dr. Lascale said that we have a healthy, happy baby. The average size is roughly 3.75lbs right now, we are 4.9lbs, so suffice to say, everyone is thrilled with progress. Iza tried to block us at every corner for her 4D shot, but our amazing nurse somehow got one shot. Awesome! When she was moving around, however, we did get to see her yawn and we saw how she is going to look! It was amazing. Mamma Sue’s cheeks and Grammy Jan’s eyes! It is just absolutely wonderful to be able to see our little girl come alive.

We went onto our OB and got to ask a million questions and figure out our total birth plan. In our Birthing Class we discussed how to present our Birth Plans at the hospital and the suggestion was to bring a basket of candy, and place the Birth Plans on brightly colored sheets of paper with lottery tickets attached. In my opinion, hilarious. So, we have the design down, and today we got the words for the page! So exciting. Basically, we go into labor… no interventions, no IV drips, no rushing of the process, no stress (maybe a lot of pain, but that’s to be expected).

Then we had a minute to grocery shop before the chiropractor… big adjustment today! and then a minute to rush home, drop off the groceries and have lunch, therapy and finally acupuncture. I came home and crashed out, completely…

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