26 Week Ultrasound

Yay! We are well on our way and happily growing. The doctor is super pleased with progress and I have gained a total of 12lbs to date. AWESOME news. If I can maintain growing 1lb per week I will be at a healthy weight for delivery 10-14 weeks from now. She is roughly 1lb 14oz which is right on track for a healthy delivery weight. We are crossing our fingers that the rest of the pregnancy is as blissful as it has been to date. It is amazing how quickly time has passed. I can’t believe that we are already getting close to countdown mode.

So far she has been incredibly active. The doctors can’t believe her movement and keep saying how full of energy she is. I, on the other hand, wish for 1 night that I would get a break to just sleep. It is becoming increasingly impossible to lay my head down at night and by the time I have conked out, Kurt is getting up to start his day. Lots of adjusting in motion.

The 26 week scan has gone really well. We are still waiting on blood results which we will send as we find out more, but for the moment we are all healthy and happy.

Check out our flickr feed to see more photos:

And the little lady during 26 weeks moving about on camera.

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